ZIM chooses Hoopo to provide solar-powered tracking for dry-container fleet


Hoopo, a global leader in asset intelligence and tracking solutions, announces that the hoopoSense Solar, its flagship tracker with a minimum of 12 years of battery life, is poised to provide end-to-end visibility for ZIM’s dry-container fleet.

The introduction of hoopoSense Solar trackers offer the longest battery life in the market, and present groundbreaking features that provide unrivaled visibility and traceability, says the company. This empowers shipping lines and their customers to gain valuable data in real-time and make informed and accurate decisions, while optimizing operations and maintaining cargo integrity.

ZIM selected Hoopo’s tracking solution following a comprehensive evaluation process that involved extensive testing to compare the hoopoSense Solar to several leading market solutions. After thorough and rigorous analysis, Hoopo’s solution emerged as the clear winner, excelling as the pinnacle of technological advancement and the most fitting choice to fulfill ZIM’s requirements. ZIM’s global rollout project will span over the next few years, with ZIM intending to install the hoopoSense Solar on its dry-container fleet.

Hoopo’s solution provides ZIM and its customers with the location and status of dry containers and cargo, throughout the entire journey. Customers gain automated in-gate and out-gate notifications from geofences, they can better predict arrival times, identify potential bottlenecks, and quickly implement corrective measures to mitigate anomalies in their supply-chain.

Additionally, detection of shock and door-opening events, capabilities which are integrated in the tracker, eliminating the need of extra installation of outer add-ons, allow continuous monitoring of the status of the cargo at all times, while assuring the cargo’s integrity or alert when unauthorized access, or any unexpected event, occurs.

Featuring a military-graded solar panel, the hoopoSense Solar trackers function effectively even in shadows and sub-optimal sunlight, guaranteeing reliable operation in diverse environments. Leveraging Hoopo’s extensive experience in tracking unpowered assets, such as chassis and dollies, the highly adaptable, machine-based tracking system optimises power consumption, providing an unparalleled battery life of 12+ years. Designed for large-scale deployments, each hoopoSense Solar tracker requires no maintenance after installation due to its solar-powered battery and over-the-air updates. Furthermore, the trackers are IP67 and support the ATEX certification.

Eli Glickman, President, and CEO of ZIM said: “We are delighted to witness the fruition of our investment in Hoopo, as the leader of tech advancements in the field of telematics. We decided to deploy their cutting-edge, durable, and cost-efficient tracking devices on our dry container fleet. This deployment will significantly elevate our service levels, providing invaluable real-time information to our customers while ensuring transparency and reliability.”

Ittay Hayut, CEO & Co-Founder of Hoopo added: “We understand that dry container visibility is not only a fundamental operational and logistics need but also a critical market requirement. Our unwavering mission has been to engineer a tracking solution for the maritime industry that delivers the most reliable data and boasts an extended lifespan to equal a container lifetime. In our design, we have prioritised our commitment to innovation by embedding cutting-edge technologies while ensuring seamless updates as new technologies emerge in the future.”

“Having ZIM as a strategic investor and a design partner reassured that our solution provides a market-fit response to the industry’s evolving challenges. We take pride in the agreement with ZIM, evidencing our offering of unparalleled value to our customers.”

ZIM is the first of the 10 largest global shipping lines to deploy Hoopo’s latest dry container IoT solution and offer a full suite of smart container services while gaining increased transparency and improving the management of strained supply chains for the benefit of their customers.

Beyond the maritime sector, Hoopo is a recognized as a leader in tracking solutions for unpowered assets across various sectors within the global supply chain, including tracking chassis and trailers in the transportation sector, ground support equipment in airports, waste containers, and more, offered by their products the hoopoSense and the hoopoSense Titan. With its revolutionary location-based technologies, Hoopo has been digitising the supply chain since 2017, and says it will continue to help create a vastly more efficient and sustainable global supply chain.