You can make the sick redundant but be careful!

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Logistics & transport businesses are being warned of the dangerous issues involved with making employees redundant while they are on long-time sick leave.

At the same time they are being told to “go ahead with extreme caution”, by employment law specialist, provided by Tollers Solicitors.

According to Tollers, bosses can still legally make staff redundant even if they are currently unable to work.

“It’s a myth surrounding redundancy that you have to treat those on long-term sick differently to other employees,” explained solicitor Gary Tait.

“Actually these people can be made redundant just like any other worker, if their role is genuinely no longer needed in the business.

“But it’s critical that the process is followed to the letter. A simple mistake with any redundancy can leave an employer open to legal action. And that can be immensely draining on any business owner’s time, money and energy.”

Businesses that are facing difficult financial times should always get personalised legal advice before starting a redundancy programme.

The popularity of “no win no fee” solicitors has made it very easy for employees who feel they have been unfairly treated to explore the possibility of action.

Sometimes just one simple mistake in the redundancy process can leave an employer exposed.