Writer’s block

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They say there is a book in all of us but shipping financier Paul Slater has two: one a novel he is struggling to get organised with and another book idea about his life in shipping.

To say he is the next Barbara Taylor Bradford or indeed that he is planning to take a leaf out of Richard Branson’s autobiographical books (so to speak) is possible stretching it too far but as he told SMI late Wednesday night at the CMA Afterglow party, unlike many in the shipping industry he can string two words together quite eloquently and he would like to share his personal experiences and thoughts with those of us who haven’t had the joy so far.

He said: “I want to write a book; I don’t want to write a personal book about myself but it would contain personal experiences and thoughts. Why would I do that? The reason is I would like to share some of those experiences with people I haven’t had the opportunity to share with.

“Time is the problem but I have written 13 chapters of a novel but I haven’t got around to sorting the novel out and right now the times I have to devote to this idea is when someone asks me or when I sit down on an aeroplane and recapture some of the memories and jot notes down just in case.”