World-leading aviation technology provider SITA to bring revolutionary aviation IT solution to maritime industry with launch of SmartSea


SITA, the global leader in technology solutions for the air transport industry, disembarks in the maritime industry bringing globally trusted transport technology and innovation to the maritime sector to revolutionize and drive it forward just as they do in the air transport sector. An initial agreement with Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM), a world-class ship manager and maritime service provider, will kick-off this journey to accelerate digitalization across the whole value chain.

SmartSea, powered by SITA, has set out to digitize the maritime industry by transforming the maritime digital ecosystem through the development of a state-of-the-art integrated maritime management platform (CMP) and the establishment of a broad portfolio of services both onboard and ashore. With over 75 years’ experience in the air travel industry, SITA’s entry into the market will accelerate the implementation of technology within the sector helping businesses to streamline their processes and establish more efficient operations.

CSM is delighted to be one of the first clients of SmartSea as it enters the maritime market, enabling it to uniquely access end-to-end IT services across the full suite of onshore and offshore technology requirements.

CEO of SmartSea, Julian Panter, said: “SITA’s launch of SmartSea and our first agreement with CSM marks a strategic step both in terms of SITA’s wider growth strategy as well as the digitalization of the maritime industry. Alongside myself, I am delighted to have the talent and knowledge of our COO, Marinos Yiangou, who has worked with CSM for 15 years and Drew Griffiths, our CTO who has joined us from SITA, having held the position of Senior Vice President.”

Talking about expanding into maritime, Mr Panter added: “The maritime industry has been working hard to elevate itself to the levels of the automotive and aviation industries, from a technology perspective, and the inclusion of SITA to that effort will dramatically fast track the industry enabling maritime to catch up with these sectors. SmartSea will be the platform that will bring the latest technology from aviation (SITA) to the maritime industry, which I am massively passionate about.”

SmartSea is one of the only companies offering a one-stop shop solution built on solid foundations and proven methodology flying in the aviation industry, by working towards a data-driven world redefining the standard of maritime operations. Modules in its iMMS range from crew management, planned maintenance and insurance to operations and inspections.

CEO of Columbia Group, Mark O’Neil said: “I am thrilled to be working with SmartSea as it brings its extensive experience and innovative aviation technology to the maritime industry. Through working with SmartSea, we will be able to offer maritime stakeholders a complete onshore and vessel-based IT systems solution, which will dramatically improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Utilizing this technology will revolutionize the industry and drive forward digitization and bring us in line with other technologically advanced industries.”

SITA serves 95% of international destinations in the air travel industry, and over 2,500 airlines, airports, ground handlers and governments all working closely with the company. More than 70 governments and all G20 nations trust SITA solutions, and 85% of international air passengers globally benefit from SITA digital border solutions. SITA’s undeniable role in transforming the air industry and shaping it into what it is now is the strongest proof of the value SITA can provide to the maritime sector though SmartSea.