Wisdom Marine Group selects Nippon Paint Marine to protect cargo and reduce maintenance costs


Wisdom Marine Group has selected Nippon Paint Marine’s Neoguard Toughness coating to provide anti-abrasion and corrosion protection for 10 of its vessels. This is more vital than ever as the world’s oceans become more polluted, leading to increased metal corrosion on vessels at sea.

Neoguard Toughness is described as a heavy-duty system that can generate significant cost savings for ship operators by reducing the need for costly maintenance and lengthy downtime. The coating’s easy cleaning properties also allow for quick and efficient turnaround between cargos, further contributing to reduced maintenance and repair work.

Reducing maintenance costs and vessel downtime is a key priority for Wisdom Marine Group to ensure that its fleet remains commercial and competitive. The company therefore needed a fast turnaround in dry dock and set a deadline for the cargo hold application of Neoguard Toughness to be completed within 5 days. The coating was used to coat more than 10 vessels since its launch and the application of the entire cargo hold was eventually done in just 4 days, enabling Wisdom to get their vessels operating again ahead of schedule.

As a dry bulk shipowner, it is also vital for Wisdom Marine Group to protect its vessels from mechanical damage to its holds from abrasive cargoes and high impact loading procedures, which can lead to corrosion and structural failure. Wisdom Marine Group required a coating that would provide robust and long-term corrosion and abrasion resistance to ensure both the goods in the cargo hold and the vessels themselves were protected as the bulk carriers carry out their daily operations.

“We were assessing the market for a high-performing marine coating that would enable us to protect our bulk carriers from corrosion and mechanical damage. Nippon Paint Marine’s Neoguard Toughness stood out to us as a best-in-class solution to achieve this,” said Wisdom Marine Group.

“Protecting our assets is critical to reducing the need for costly maintenance and repair work and to ensure that cargo is safe on board. We are confident that working with Nippon Paint Marine will help us to drive these cost savings and efficiencies and we were particularly impressed at the fast turnaround at dry dock with the application of the entire cargo hold done in 4 days ahead of schedule.”

“The greatest asset for our shipowning customers is their fleet, and so enabling them to protect vessels from challenges such as corrosion and mechanical damage is naturally a key priority for us at Nippon Paint Marine,” said Adrian Hwang, Deputy General Manager at Nippon Paint Marine Taiwan. “We are dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs through our high-performance coatings such as Neoguard Toughness and are proud to be helping Wisdom Marine Group keep their vessels in the best possible condition with long-term protection.”

Nippon Paint Marine has been working with Wisdom Marine Group since 2010 and has previously used the company’s E-MARINE 400 HS products before selecting Neoguard Toughness.