Windward teams with Sea/ platform to improve compliance screening service

Silhouette of a cargo bulk-carrier on the horizon, on a sunny day, the Black sea

Maritime predictive intelligence company Windward announces that it has partnered with end-to-end digital shipping platform Sea/ to deliver a solution that allows customers to increase efficiency in chartering negotiations by streamlining compliance and due diligence processes.

The partnership with Windward will allow Sea/’s customers to view a vessel’s risk score within the Sea/ trade platform. Sea/’s customers can now charter with confidence by easily ensuring that they only pursue vessels that meet their specific sanctions requirements, saving time by having all relevant information on vessel risk available in one platform.

Windward’s risk scores are categorised based on deceptive shipping practises like Dark Activity, Identity Tampering, Loitering, and Meeting and Port Calls. To utilise Windward’s products, Sea/ customers will contract directly with Windward.

Alex Gray, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Sea/ said: “The integration of Windward’s AI platform within Sea/trade will empower our clients with further data and information to assist them in their chartering decisions. Collaborating with Windward is a really exciting step for Sea/ and we look forward to the efficiencies it will bring.”

Ami Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder of Windward said: “We are proud to partner with Sea/, a leader in digital transformation in the maritime industry. Windward’s Predictive Intelligence platform provides real time information for traders, charterers, owners, and brokers alike to go beyond compliance and digitalize their business, enabling them to make intelligence-driven decisions to manage risk and achieve business and operational insights.

“The partnership widens the reach of our sanctions screening service into new areas of the shipping industry and we look forward to developing our global partner programme in 2022.”