Windward launches data sharing hub to reduce carbon emissions

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Israel-based predictive Intelligence company Windward has announced the launch of the Data for Decarbonization Program (D4D), a partnership aimed to increase transparency and foster collaboration within the maritime industry by leveraging the power of big data and AI. Existing members include ADNOC Logistics & Services, ASM Maritime, Executive Ship Management (ESM), (SOKANA Shipping and Interunity.

D4D aims to create large datasets gathered from all stakeholders in the maritime trade industry to build AI models that will accurately predict the carbon emissions of any vessel voyage, taking variables such as weather, a vessel’s operational profile, ballast/laden status, the ballast leg, and hull fouling into account.

Windward says charterers will be able to optimize their pre-fixture vessel selection by choosing the optimal performing vessel, optimizing the ballast leg, and during the post-fixture phase adapting a smart ETA and laden speed to real operating conditions

Freight forwarders and beneficial cargo owners will be able to measure carbon shipping performance for every container, accounting for the particular vessel and projected route of every shipment thus offering end customers a “green premium” option of low carbon shipping.

Trade financiers will be able to independently verify the environmental impact of financing decisions thus exercising sustainable trade financing.

“The answer to reducing carbon emissions lies in the Power of Many,” said Ami Daniel, CEO & Co-Founder of Windward. “Those that invest in sharing data and insights now will benefit from the advantages of an accurate model trained specifically for the industry’s unique operations.

“Together we can realize a solution that will allow all stakeholders to analyze, predict, and price their carbon footprint, improve their bottom line, and accomplish a carbon-free future.”