Wilhelmsen targets new BRIC investment opportunities


Wilhelmsen’s ship service arm has not allowed the current financial crisis to block future investment plans and has specifically identified new market opportunities in emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India and China

In Brazil, Wilhelmsen Ships Service is focused on the minerals and offshore segments. To support this, an investment program has been initiated that includes expansion of fire system and refrigeration service capabilities, ships agency services and a full range of specialised marine products. Additional manpower will also be required.

To get a stronger foothold in Russia and the Eastern European markets, Wilhelmsen Ships Service will soon announce a major upgrade of its support and delivery network in the region. The first step has already been taken by consolidating management and support facilities in St. Petersburg. The end result will be a higher level of customer service and delivery efficiency, in line with what the company offers in other parts of the world.

Discoveries of oil and gas in India will change the balance of imports and exports and make the country an even more important stopover point in East/West trade, transhipment and logistics. In the course of the last 18 months, Wilhelmsen Ships Service has established a pan-Indian infrastructure of 13 facilities in major ports spread around the country’s 7,500 km coastline. Through these facilities, ships calling in Indian ports can offer the company’s full range of standardised marine products, ships agency and logistics services.

The company said: “Wilhelmsen Ships Service is the market leader in providing mandatory testing, maintenance and certification of onboard safety and environmental systems and performs 16,000 safety service visits per year. The market for these services in China and Vietnam is growing rapidly. Investments are being made in several locations to capitalise on this opportunity.”