Wilhelmsen Ships Service wins Greatship Global contract

Wilhelmsen Ships Service, the world’s leading ships services network, has been awarded a significant contract by Indian offshore company Greatship Global. The company will provide an Initial Supply package to each of five offshore newbuildings being undertaken by Greatship. These include a new drillship being delivered at Keppel Shipyard, Singapore and four anchor handling tug supply oil rig support (AHTS) vessels in Oslo, Singapore and Colombo.

The contract is also expected to bring orders for five further AHTS newbuildings in 2009, located at Batam, Indonesia, and Keppel, Singapore.

Greatship Global is steadily expanding its new building programme to position itself to become one of the largest offshore fleets in the Indian subcontinent.

Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s Initial Supply package is a product of the company’s ‘Solutions for a Lifetime’ initiative. The initiative recognises that newbuildings should be supplied with the highest quality of products and services from the earliest construction stages. A unique Product Selector tool enables new building managers to compile a tailor-made package with all parts included. Customers are freed up from time-consuming planning and can realize operating efficiency from Day One.

“We are delighted to have formed this partnership with Greatship Global,” said Moloy Das (Sales Manager India Sub continent). “With our offer of the full range of support to newbuildings Wilhelmsen Ship Services aims to be the complete supplier to complement Greatship’s endeavours.”