Wilhelmsen partners with Klüber Lubrication to exclusively sell and distribute maritime lubricants

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Since August 1st, owners, operators, and vessel managers choosing Klüber Lubrication’s premium products, have benefited from Wilhelmsen’s in-depth maritime expertise, customer service and global distribution network following their new partnership to sell and distribute maritime lubrication exclusively.

Wilhelmsen will be taking over sales, logistics and consulting for Klüber Lubrication’s maritime portfolio for its sea going vessels in Europe and Southeast Asia, and the rest of the world from October.

Kjell Andre Engen, (pictured), Executive Vice President Marine Products at Wilhelmsen said, “This exclusive partnership pairs Klüber Lubrication’s market-leading marine lubricants with our unrivalled sales, customer service and supply network. Stronger together, customers old and new will quickly recognize the clear financial and operational value of our partnership.”

Complementing Wilhelmsen’s existing marine products portfolio, Klüber Lubrication’s premium specialty lubricants, including environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) match performance with longevity and are designed for a variety of vessel and port applications.

Christoph Köhler, Head of Global Business Team Marine at Klüber Lubrication said, “In 2018, Klüber Lubrication and Wilhelmsen signed a cooperation. Following intensive preparatory work, we are now combining our respective strengths. The aim is that operators of ships, shipyards and dry docks can purchase innovative, high-performance specialty lubricants from a single point of contact all over the world, promptly, reliably and with competent consulting provided.”

Providing proven protection against wear, Klüber Lubrication’s premium products allow longer intervals between maintenance and help increase the lifespan of ship components. Along with the clear financial and environmental incentives for choosing Klüber Lubrication, customers old and new can now benefit from Wilhelmsen’s in-depth maritime expertise, established global distribution network and dedicated account manager set-up.