Westgarth ‘in favour’ of more industry cooperation

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INTERTANKO has given its clearest indication yet that it wants to liaise more closely with other industry associations outside of the much envied Round Table of shipping associations and is likely to table a proposal calling for such action at the next Round Table meeting.

Addressing reporters only weeks after taking over the INTERTANKO chairmanship from Nick Fistes, Capt Graham Westgarth said it was important to create the environment and agenda to produce that dialogue.

“Hopefully one of the agenda items at the next Round Table meeting that INTERTANKO will propose is how do we engage with the other industry bodies. It is interesting I have had several approaches from other industry bodies saying when can we have a dialogue. So there is a willingness and an awareness that we need to move in that direction.

He stressed that INTERTANKO needed to be “a progressive and proactive influence on a shipping industry that has to start talking as one voice. When you think of the environment we live in, it is more complex. There are some very significant agenda items coming out and the industry needs to try and speak as one. If you are a bureaucrat or a legislator it must be confusing to hear so many different points of view from the industry so we must be better at working together in the industry to speak as one voice,” he said.