IoCurrents Smart Technology and AI Webinar

Recorded: May 26, 2021

IoCurrents Smart Technology and AI Webinar
How to exploit these bottom line game changers
A ioCurrents Webinar, In association with Ship Management International
May 26, 2021, 12:00 PM London

The advent of smart technology is changing the way we live and work and the maritime industry is no exception. Sensors on vessels provide huge amounts of data on engine, pump and generator performance but how do we use this information to optimise our operational, regulatory and safety approaches? Good data analysis and transparency are key so that stakeholders can work together to reduce accidents, improve efficiency and maintain regulatory compliance. Our speakers will discuss and debate the best ways that the maritime industry can work together to achieve these goals.


Sven Brooks, Senior Director of IoT business development for KVH;
Torbjorn Dimblad, CIO, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd;
Bent Erik Bjørkli, VP, Kognifai Partner Program;
Cosmo King, ioCurrents co-founder; Knut Svein Ording, Senior Principal Consultant for DNV;
Pascal Ray, Managing Partner at Puma Risk LLC (Prescient Underwriting Management & Associates);
Patrick Ryan, Senior V.P. of Engineering and Technology for ABS.

Moderator: Sean Moloney, Publisher Ship Management International

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