Crew Travel – Round Table Debate

Recorded: February 28, 2022

Harnessing the potential of a growing crew travel sector post-COVID. The opportunities and the solutions.


Panellists included:

Konstantinos Oikonomou, CEO, Marine Tours;
Rogier Van Beugen, Chief Commercial Officer, C Teleport;
Sverre Husby, Director G Travel;
Nikos Gazelidis, Global Head of Shipping, ATPI;
Hans Boers, CEO, Boers Crew Services;
Melanie Quinn, Head of Business Development Clyde Travel;
Tommy Olofsen, President & Chief Commercial Officer, OSM;
Mike Tibbert, General Manager Europe, Global Marine Travel;
Chris Podolsky, Global Manager, North America, Global Marine Travel.

Moderated by Sean Moloney, Managing Director of Elaborate Communications.

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