Creating A Culture Of Care Onboard For Our Seafarers Navigating wellness

Recorded: November 3, 2023

The Challenges and Solutions to keep seafarers healthy in mind, body and soul

Seafarers play a vital role in global trade and transportation and their job comes with unique challenges and demands. This webinar will explore how as an industry we can improve their well-being, safety and mental health. Topics that will be explored include promoting mental health awareness, improved living and working conditions, promoting onboard social interaction and internet connectivity to facilitate communication with family and friends and also access to comprehensive healthcare. This is by no means an exhaustive list as panellists will bring their own thoughts to this highly important area which needs addressing for the industry to attract the next generation of seafarers.


Ronald Spithout
Managing Director for VIKAND’s proactive total healthcare solution, OneHealth

Johan Gustafsson
Chief Revenue Officer, OTG

Chris Bhatt
CCO, Aon

Lorraine Hager
Loss Prevention and Marketing Advisor, The Swedish Club

Martin Hedman
Senior Consultant, Psychologist


Moderated by:
Sean Moloney
CEO, Elaborate Communications

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