Waste guidance from Videotel


627_garbageOnBeachA new training programme has been launched by maritime training provider Videotel Marine International to help ship operators avoid the pitfalls surrounding newly enforced garbage management rules.

Important new updates to MARPOL Annex V entered into force on 1st January, 2013 and have revolutionised the way the industry must look at the issue of waste disposal. In response to this, Videotel has extensively updated its Garbage Management training programme to accommodate the radical shift of emphasis the new legislation entails.

“Garbage isn’t high on the agenda for many senior executives in most businesses but for ship owners and ship managers the prevention of pollution and the proper management of waste is a key issue,” said CEO Nigel Cleave.

“Annex V will have an enormous impact on the way ships handle their waste and demands an entirely new approach to waste management. The whole onus of responsibility has changed. Effectively, the regulations are now about preventing the discharge of waste at sea. Where in the past most categories of garbage could be discharged in limited circumstances, that rule has been reversed and most waste streams may now not be discharged at sea except under certain strict conditions. In addition, written evidence of compliance must be readily available.”

Ship owners and operators must now plan their whole garbage management strategy in advance, with the emphasis on minimisation and disposal in port reception facilities. Port control officers are empowered to inspect ships for compliance. Where there is clear evidence that the Master and crew are not familiar with procedures relating to the prevention of pollution by garbage, the vessel can be detained until this is rectified.

The new Garbage Management training package from Videotel seeks to raise awareness of the challenge and offers practical assistance in managing marine generated waste. It demonstrates how to comply with revised regulations on garbage collection, processing, storage, disposal and record-keeping using the Garbage Record Book. It also presents good practice guidance contributed by leading members of the shipping industry to assist Masters, officers , ship operators and owners to reduce and manage self-generated garbage more effectively.

It is available through Videotel on Demand (VOD), DVD, CBT and Workbooks.