Wärtsilä launches new digital services to enhance performance and predictability of customers’ assets

Images from the CBM Center (Condition Based Maitenance)
Images from the CBM Center (Condition Based Maitenance)
Images from the CBM Center (Condition Based Maitenance)

Lifecycle solutions provider for the marine and energy markets has launched a new service portfolio Wärtsilä Genius services to help its customers seize the opportunities from digitalisation.

The three product families under Wärtsilä Genius services – Optimise, Predict and Solve – enable optimising of customers’ assets in real-time, improve predictability and help in solving of issues with digital solutions. Wärtsilä Genius services are targeted at marine, energy and oil and gas markets.

In the marine markets, Wärtsilä’s customers are typically seeking for increased reliability, ensuring safe operations in harsh environments, maximum uptime, greater operational efficiency and better environmental performance.

For the power generation market, there is a need for customers to cope with the increase in renewables, which creates the need for greater flexibility in power generation. Additionally, utilities and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in the energy sector are constantly looking for services that can decrease costs.

With Wärtsilä Genius services, these needs will be easier and faster met.

President of Services at Wärtsilä Pierpaolo Barbone: “This launch is a major milestone for us and for our customers. Wärtsilä Genius services truly change the way our customers can benefit from effective use of real-time data.”

Director of Asset Performance Optimisation of Wärtsilä Services Ari-Pekka Saarikangas said: ““Wärtsilä Genius services are designed to optimise, for example, an installation’s energy efficiency, or even the management of an entire fleet. This will be done by integrating advanced dynamic voyage planning, ship efficiency advisory services and energy analysis, as well as extensive condition monitoring of the main equipment into one consolidated solution,” says .

Wärtsilä Genius services comprises of three product families – Optimise, Predict and Solve.  

Solutions and services within Optimise by Wärtsilä Genius services are tailored to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of customers’ operations. Optimise solutions, for example, enable the following of fuel consumption in real-time and adjusting the ship’s position to the optimal with the help of trim advice.

‘Predict’ by Wärtsilä Genius services will improve customers’ asset and business availability and predictability with lifecycle maintenance. For the customer this means better visibility into the coming maintenance need, thanks to which maintenance can be performed based on actual condition and not according to a predefined schedule. More efficient usage of assets throughout their lifetime helps to increase the owners’ revenue. 

And finally ‘Solve’ will ensure the safety of customers’ operations and allow them to get instant support whenever and wherever they need it. Thanks to Solve services, Wärtsilä’s customer can share their computer screen with Wärtsilä experts on shore.  These remote support services provide customers with a 24/7 access to Wärtsilä’s experts in its global service centres currently situated in Finland, the Netherlands, USA, Ecuador, Brazil, Kenya, India and United Ar

Wärtsilä already has 500 installations connected with 3,000 different pieces of equipment. Wärtsilä Genius services now provide a comprehensive service portfolio to utilise the opportunities opened by real-time data and related analytics.