Wärtsilä and Ecospec team to deliver clean power solutions


Power solutions provider Wärtsilä and Ecospec Global Technology, owner of the CSNOx emissions abatement technology have joined forces to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to provide clean power solutions.

The companies intend to combine their resources to achieve the lowest possible CO2 emissions, near zero SOx emissions and to create the ability to deliver future NOx emissions requirements.

Under the MOU, Wärtsilä must integrate the CSNOx system into engine applications such as the installation, supervision, project management, engineering and commissioning of the system for both newbuilds and retrofits. As the supplier of the CSNOx system, Ecospec will supply key system components.

The world’s first emissions abatement system capable of removing CO2 emissions from greenhouse gases, Ecospec CSNOx also simultaneously removes SO2, NOx, and other pollutants without using harmful chemicals. Discharge water from the system does not offer a risk of secondary pollution and is either neutral or beneficial for the environment.

Juha Kytölä, vice president, product centre Ecotech of Wärtsilä said: “It is Wärtsilä’s long-established strategy to assist its customers, not only in meeting current environmental legislation requirements, but to be proactive in providing solutions that go well beyond these minimum standards. Emissions control is an area that is developing very rapidly, and this co-operation with Ecospec will help us to continue our role in this field.”