Wärtsilä aligns its marine agreements offering by introducing Lifecycle solutions – with ground-breaking performance guarantee


wartsilaWärtsilä has broadened its range of marine agreement concepts with Lifecycle solutions – an innovative, comprehensive offering that is said to optimise the efficiency and performance of marine and offshore customers’ assets.

Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions consist of three concepts: Optimised maintenance, Optimised operations and Guaranteed asset performance. The Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions offering also includes Wärtsilä Genius services. Launched in November 2015, Wärtsilä Genius services enables the optimisation of customers’ assets in real-time, improves predictability and helps solving of issues with digital solutions.

Wärtsilä Services Lifecycle solutions bring a wider supply of services to the agreements portfolio. The Optimised maintenance concept replaces two agreement concepts, Maintenance agreement and Technical management agreement. Optimised operations and Guaranteed asset performance are new concepts that widen the scope of the agreements offering.

Guaranteed asset performance is a ground-breaking solution that provides guaranteed operational reliability. In practice, this means that performance targets are determined based on measured data, and Wärtsilä can guarantee that these targets are reached and maintained. Measurable indicators can include, for example, availability, reliability and fuel consumption. The agreed targets are reached through automated key performance measurements, optimised maintenance and remote advisory.

“Guaranteed asset performance is an innovative new solution. With remote advisory, our customers in marine and offshore can get real-time support regardless of their location, and the remote service is complemented with on-board advisory. Condition monitoring and audits, together with a performance improvement plan, increase availability and reliability. We are confident to offer this kind of a guarantee, because we know that Wärtsilä can deliver on its promise,” said Tage Klockars, General Manager, Marine Service Agreements.

Optimised operations offers real-time monitoring and advisory services that maximise efficiency. The solution provides a ship energy efficiency management plan that follows the IMO guidelines. On-board advisory service such as hull performance, engine efficiency or condition monitoring, combined with vessel audits and component condition evaluation, helps identify areas in which performance can be enhanced. Ongoing evaluation and system efficiency upgrades lead to continuous improvement.

Optimised maintenance involves planning and scheduling maintenance procedures to suit the customer’s business operations, improving long-term cost predictability and uptime. In addition, Optimised Maintenance services offer remote operational and technical advisory, whenever and wherever needed. Optimised maintenance is a proven way of optimising an installation’s availability throughout its entire lifecycle.

“The marine business environment is moving from maintenance and servicing to more comprehensive optimisation of the customer’s business. Wärtsilä Genius services change online data into real-time on-board advisory and smart back office analytics that, in turn, can be refined into performance-improving advice about the asset operation. What we can measure, we can optimise and guarantee,” said Mr Klockars. “By setting clear performance targets and guaranteeing that they are reached, we are making a unique customer promise.”

Lifecycle solutions combine the opportunities provided by digital innovations and advanced data analytics with a holistic approach that goes beyond maintenance and servicing. The result is a package that allows customers to focus on their core business while Wärtsilä ensures that their operations run smoothly, efficiently and in accordance with regulations.

“With the help of Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions, our customers can match their maintenance to their operations. Furthermore, Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions help customers to comply with the changing regulations as customers can monitor and report their emissions and performance to authorities in real-time, based on data analytics,” Mr Klockars concluded.