Wallem gets talking with its seafarers



Wallem has joined Bernhard Schulte and Maersk in realising the benefits of installing more crew-specific telecommunications onboard their ships by rolling out the Blue Ocean Wireless GSM solution to about a quarter of its managed fleet. As of 6th March, 58 vessels had been successfully installed with the service.

Following the move, seafarers from more than 50 vessels will be able to call and text their loved ones from the privacy of their own cabin.
Captain Manu Nakra, Master of the tanker El Phos, said the equipment was installed on his ship in early December and almost everyone onboard had already used the phones to call their family.

“I use the text messaging almost on a daily basis and every few days I call my family,” said Captain Nakra. “The crew are happy to be able to speak with their families more often and are glad they do not have to queue up to use the one Inmarsat phone, especially on holidays and festivals.

“With text messages our families know we are only a few button-presses away.”

With the installation of the BOW solution on Wallem-managed ships, for the first time Wallem seafarers can make and receive phone calls and texts with their friends and family from the privacy of their own cabins. To access the system, seafarers receive SIM cards to place in their personal mobile telephones.

After the installation in the Halden in late November, the Master of the tanker, Captain Samrat Dasgupta, said his family was thrilled to hear from him more often.

“It’s a great system and it feels great to know that loved ones are just a ring or SMS away,” Captain Dasgupta said. “Yesterday I woke up to an SMS from my wife and it was a fantastic start to a great day.”