Vitaly Klyuev: ‘We should look at a wider angle’

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klyuevVitaly Klyuev, the official Russian candidate for the IMO Secretary-General post, held a meeting in Brussels yesterday (Wednesday) with the officials of the FPS Foreign Affairs and FPS Mobility and Transport of the Kingdom of Belgium.

During the meeting, Mr Klyuev emphasised the international maritime regulations should be global, universal and developed within the IMO platform only. The IMO Secretariat should play a key role in promoting these three core principles on a non-discriminatory basis.

“We should look at a wider angle and see beyond the white and black colours,” said Mr Klyuev.

“The IMO Member States do not have equal resources and capabilities. The IMO Secretariat role is to establish and maintain efficient communication channels with every state individually within the available resources.

“We should also find a good balance between the promoting of the shipping and protection of the environment. Nowadays this is especially relevant for the Arctic. We look forward implementing the Polar Code in this regard. The Polar Code development is a good example on how IMO Member States can cooperate within the IMO,” he concluded.

According to Mr Klyuev, while the IMO as a UN body is developed quite well, implementation of the regulations introduced by it is still an issue for the organisation.

“Today, the need for the new regulations is not as urgent as the need for the implementation of the existing ones. My idea is to elaborate a road map for the proper implementation of the IMO Codes and Conventions. The IMO strategy documents should include a clear definition of targets to be reached. It is the Secretariat that should initiate the assessment of the possible consequences of the new regulations on the industry,” he said.