VIKAND sponsors high-profile US Congressional luncheon

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A special luncheon event was held at the Danish Shipowners’ Association head office in Copenhagen on 12th April to honour Congressman Hoyer’s contribution to the Club’s 102 year history of fostering collaboration and good relations between Denmark and the United States. Global healthcare provider VIKAND was one of the luncheon’s sponsors.

Congressman Hoyer was part of a bi-partisan delegation of eight US House members and one US Senator who also visited Germany and Poland to discuss the current humanitarian and political crisis in Europe.

Representing VIKAND was Stephen Schueler, President of the American Club Denmark and newly appointed Director to VIKAND’s Advisory Board, Len Quist Senior VP and General Manager and Bo Larsen, VP Commercial Partnerships.

Mr Schueler welcomed the delegation to Copenhagen and highlighted how Congressman Hoyer, whose father was Danish, has been an important supporter of Denmark in the United States, regularly meeting with Danish Parliamentarians and government officials when visiting Washington.

Speaking about the importance of international trade and the excellent work that US Embassies do around the world to help promote US business interests, VIKAND’s CEO Peter Hult said, “Being one of the sponsors of this prestigious event was in recognition of the fact that VIKAND, as a US based company, has benefited significantly from the commercial services provided by US Embassies around the world which help to provide networking opportunities and collaborations for US businesses to help them grow on a global scale.

“In fact, VIKAND recently launched a new initiative called the Seafarer Human Sustainability Declaration at the US Ambassador’s residence in Oslo. The Declaration aims to recognise and improve how the global maritime community meets the human sustainability needs of seafarers both today and into the future.”

The venue is also home to the Global Maritime Forum, one of the key supporters of VIKAND’s Seafarers’ Human Sustainability Declaration which was set up to encourage dialogue around the principles of seafarer wellbeing so that the maritime industry can develop and adopt best practices for those working at sea and their loved ones back home. VIKAND sees it as a way to develop a sustainable seafaring community to future proof the maritime sector.