VIKAND partners with Maritime Holdings Group to provide medical services for restart of Peace Boat


Global healthcare specialist VIKAND is partnering with Maritime Holdings Group Inc (MHG) to provide medical services to Japan Grace, operator of Peace Boat ethical cruises aboard the vessel Pacific World.

Under this agreement, VIKAND will provide global healthcare support and medical guidance to the doctors and nurses onboard the Pacific World. VIKAND also setup and organised the onboard medical centre and is involved in reviewing crew Pre-Employment Medical Examinations, calibrating biomedical equipment, conducting a medical audit, checking and supplying formulary for crew and vetting onboard medical staff.

“Working with MHG on this project has been a great experience and we support Peace Boat’s ethical approach to cruising, which gives passengers a more meaningful understanding of the countries they visit,” said Peter Hult, CEO of VIKAND. “I’m also pleased to further expand our presence in the Asian market by partnering with Japan Grace.

“The Pacific World is the largest ship in Peace Boat’s 40-year history, and we are honoured to provide her crew with ongoing medical advice and support.”

Based in Tokyo, travel agent Japan Grace has operated Peace Boat’s global and regional cruises since 1995. These journeys offer passengers a series of unique programmes designed for more meaningful experiences at each port of call, such as homestays with local families, cultural exchange programmes, and even programmes built around the country’s social, environmental and historic concerns.