VIKAND launches proactive healthcare program to safeguard seafarers


Global leader in maritime healthcare VIKAND, has launched a proactive 24/7 healthcare program to help safeguard seafarers and protect the commercial viability of the shipping industry.

With the International Chamber of Shipping predicting a global shortfall of 90,000 trained officers by 2026, the industry needs to recognise that to attract new talent and retain the current workforce, it needs to dramatically improve its approach to healthcare for our industry’s seafarers.

Launched at the US Embassy in London on February 7th in front of an audience of senior maritime professionals, VIKAND introduced its program, as keeping the current seafarer workforce fit and well is paramount to stem the loss of experienced crew. VIKAND recognises that threats to their health, wellness and safety are often dealt with through reactive and static solutions.

Therefore, VIKAND will offer the maritime industry with tools and insights for taking a more proactive approach to seafarer well-being. The program aims to resolve the industry’s most pressing crew challenge. Mitigating risks to health can lower the shipping industry’s long-term healthcare costs, improve its commercial viability and enhance the sustainability of its global labour force.

The solution, OneHealth by VIKAND, is an innovative program that combines cutting-edge technology with the latest healthcare advancements. OneHealth can improve seafarer health and wellness whilst reducing both the risks and costs for operators.

“We are developing proactive healthcare solutions for crews that can reduce mental and physical health issues, improve seafarer morale and achieve higher labour retention. It is all about risk mitigation and looking after the industry’s most valuable assets – its crews.

“Their health and well-being need to be managed and maintained in the same way an engineer has to regularly maintain a vessel’s machinery to avoid costly breakdowns. The same notion applies to crews, where a structured healthcare approach will have a positive impact on a fleet’s bottom line,” said Peter Hult CEO (pictured) of VIKAND.

“A quarter of all maritime insurance claims are related to crew illnesses and injuries, and 20 percent of ship diversions are due to medical emergencies,” said Ronald Spithout, Managing Director, OneHealth by VIKAND.

“These incidents cost the industry hundreds of millions of dollars in direct and indirect costs. OneHealth by VIKAND promises to optimise crew wellness with anytime, anywhere healthcare support, helping to reduce the risks and costs associated with seafarer health issues. Proactive healthcare support can reduce serious onboard medical conditions by up to 75% along with all the associated costs like emergency medical evacuations.”