Videotel training wins multiple awards



Muster Personnel3

Videotel’s training programmes have long been a watchword in the shipping industry for quality and effectiveness. A series of awards for outstanding performance on the international media stage has now recognised the effectiveness of Videotel’s films, animation and e-learning CBTs as a training medium, engaging the viewer emotively and graphically illustrating good and bad practices in the way a trainee can clearly assimilate.

Videotel has won multiple awards from a number of prestigious industry bodies:

• Making the Difference, Passenger Mustering and Crowd Control, highlighting the importance of psychology in effective passenger evacuation; has been awarded Best in Category in the Horizon Interactive Awards: an international competition which recognises outstanding achievement among interactive media producers.

• Catering On Board Ship Series, (Programme 9, Dry Heat Cooking Methods), the important new MLC focused training series which aims to help improve the standard of catering on board every class of vessel; has been awarded two Gold medals, one from the Horizon Interactive Awards and a Golden Reel from the MCA-I Media Festival which celebrates excellence in media communications, creativity and advancement in technical applications.

• COLREGS & IALA Buoyage Training Course, addressing the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea; has won two Gold medals, the first from the Horizon Interactive awards and the second from the World Media Festival (Hamburg) in the category of Web Based Training.

• Maritime Security Training Course, which provides a general introduction to maritime security and raises awareness of security issues when alongside, at anchor and at sea; has been awarded a Gold medal from the Horizon Interactive Awards.

“We are delighted that the consistent quality of our productions and the technical expertise of the Videotel production team have been recognised across the film and media industry,” said Nigel Cleave, CEO of Videotel Marine International. ”These awards are peer reviewed and, as such, provide a real vote of confidence to our painstaking and unique approach to creating the very best user training experience.”