Videotel simplifies management of crew records


Videotel Marine International, the highly respected, multiple award-winning maritime training solutions provider, has released an Application Programming Interface (API) service in order for its clients to be able to manage their crew training records housed within webFTA – Videotel’s powerful cloud-based training records management program – directly from their own Crew Management System (CMS) portal.

Videotel’s API service has two main processes, namely, pulling crew data from the Videotel cloud so it can be displayed in the CMS portal and, secondly, pushing crew data from the CMS portal to the Videotel cloud which, in turn, triggers crew data to be sent to the vessels automatically.

This enhancement means that those in the office can manage the day-to-day operation from one console and still benefit from using webFTA without the need for double entry or updating of crew records, this all being handled automatically. When away from the office, through webFTA, management can still log-in and access the training records from any computer with an internet connection.

Clearly, the crew onboard benefit immensely as they do not need to manually add records themselves nor request them, these being received automatically. This drastically reduces duplication of records and the man-hours lost resolving issues that such a process can often entail.

This new service is another example of how Videotel clients who subscribe to webFTA can manage their crew training records as well as benefit from time saving and cost reducing automation.