Vidar Pederstad named Nor-Shipping Director

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Vidar Pederstad, a veteran PR and marketing professional, has taken on the role of Director of Nor-Shipping; the popular week-long Oslo-based maritime conference and exhibition. 

Although his career track includes a series of management positions at leading PR and communications agencies, Mr Pederstad brings many years of Nor-Shipping experience to his new position, having been a marketing and PR consultant for four Nor-Shipping events over eight years. He was also a founding member of the Nor-Shipping Advisory Board.

His key contributions during this period have included the establishment of the high-profile Nor-Shipping conferences, which have greatly contributed to Nor-Shipping’s position as a world-class meeting place for the industry, and Nor-Shipping Campus, a valuable branding initiative for the Norwegian maritime industry.

“You could say that Nor-Shipping is “in my blood” after working so closely with it for so long, so it was a natural step to join the team,” said Mr Pederstad.

Nor-Shipping veteran Tollef Schiander, who has now stepped into the key role of Exhibition Director, also welcomed Mr Pederstad onboard. Having put into place a strategic plan that points ahead six years, the team are already hard at work on Nor-Shipping 2013.

“It’s really motivating to have the challenge of making a world-class event even better – expect some interesting developments for Nor-Shipping 2013,” said Mr Pederstad.

“Right now, I am in negotiations to charter a cruise ship from Royal Caribbean Cruise Line for our use during Nor-Shipping 2013. This is part of our effort to secure more hotel space, at the same time creating a dynamic networking venue,” said Mr Pederstad.