Valaris drillship achieves ABS Enhanced Electrical System Notation in world first

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Ultra-deepwater drillship VALARIS DS-12 has become the first vessel in the world to receive the ABS Enhanced Electrical System Notation EHS-E.

Valaris upgraded the vessel’s electrical system to secure the notation, which recognizes sophisticated system design to improve reliability and enhance protection. The Valaris electrical system is specifically designed to allow the drillship to optimize powerplant performance, enabling operations on fewer generators and reducing emissions.

“It is great to see Valaris become the first to secure this notation, which recognizes their commitment to sustainable operations and investment in advanced electrical systems to increase efficiency,” said Matt Tremblay, ABS Vice President, Global Offshore.

“With this enhanced notation, VALARIS DS-12 exemplifies our company’s purpose of providing responsible solutions that deliver energy to the world,” said Gilles Luca, Valaris Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “This is truly a remarkable team achievement that paves the way to more sustainable deepwater drilling.”

ABS has surveyed the upgraded system and tested it to ensure it can operate on reduced generator power. The short circuit and fault ride through capability was demonstrated on board the vessel with ABS in attendance.