Ultratank signs a long-term contract with Seaber


Seaber.io, the Finnish maritime technology company, has announced a partnership with chemical bulk operator Ultratank. The Seaber solution will help Ultratank reach its environmental goals while increasing profitability: Ultratank is committed to reducing its emissions with 40% per cargo ton-mile by 2030 compared to 2008 levels.

Ultratank is a part of the large and diversified shipping group Ultranav, which like Seaber is a part of the Call to Action for shipping decarbonisation launched by the Global Maritime Forum.

The contract with Ultratank is a major milestone for Seaber. Expanding its client base within the tanker industry is another step towards helping the tanker industry improve its schedule planning and optimise its operations.

Initial results show that Seaber’s planning and schedule optimisation solution saves Ultratank 3% in operating costs, which amounts to 7,500 tons of CO2 annually. Cost-saving estimations are up to 5 % in the future.

Seaber’s AI-assisted planning solution is revolutionising the tanker and bulker shipping industry. The web-based application is designed for both cargo owners and shipowners, allowing them to maximise efficiencies in planning and schedule optimisation and communications.

Seaber’s technology is the first solution targeted at increasing efficiencies for bulkers and tankers on such a wide scale, making it uniquely positioned to reduce the sector’s environmental impact.

“With supply being very tight, optimising our fleet is extremely relevant. Seaber will be a helpful tool to support our scheduling process, save bunkers and most importantly CO2 emissions. We are happy to partner up with Seaber to help us reach our environmental goals,” says Michel Polette, Chartering Manager WCA at Ultratank.

At Seaber this partnership has been warmly welcomed. “Ultratank shares our aspirations of being an environmentally friendly company,” explains Sebastian Sjöberg, CEO and Co-founder of Seaber.

“What they can achieve with Seaber’s software solution is only a start. We are excited to be selected by Ultratank and are looking forward to a close cooperation with their team.”