UKHO pushes for protection of marine environment


This year’s World Hydrography Day involved heavy enforcement of marine environmental protection as the drivers for navigational safety and pollution control go hand in hand in confronting the key issues facing the shipping industry.

Protection of the marine environment is seen as an imperative component of a recognised and increasing demand for non-navigational use of marine datasets, and as paramount an issue as navigational safety, the capacity to provide real time situational awareness is a considerable contributor in reducing marine accidents.

Addressing guests onboard the HQS Wellington at London’s Embankment, Rear Admiral Ian Moncrieff, UK National Hydrographer, said: “Our primary focus is to produce official, accurate, up-to-date and timely nautical products which allow the mariner to navigate safely.

“This reduces the risk of incidents, groundings and collisions that can cause pollution and damage to the marine environment. In meeting the requirements of Safety of Life at Sea legislation, UKHO is already not only helping to protect the mariner but the marine environment too, but on the wider canvas we have an increasing role to play in the non-navigational use of our data.”