UKHO launches new H-Note App


ADMIRALTY-H-Note-Screens[1]The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office has unveiled a new digital application that enables seafarers to submit hydrographic data directly to the UKHO using their mobile device. TheADMIRALTY H-Note App is a free digital version of the UKHO’s well-known Hydrographic Note and will allow important navigational information to be recorded and shared with the UKHO faster and more easily than ever before.

The Hydrographic Note, often referred to as H-Note, is a vital source of new hydrographic data. By giving seafarers the ability to alert the UKHO to any navigationally significant information, they play an important role in supporting navigational safety for ships around the world. This could be new dangers to navigation, changes in aids to navigation or required amends to charts or publications.

Until now, seafarers complete an H-Note Form by hand or on screen, before submitting it to the UKHO via email or fax. With the new ADMIRALTY H-Note App, mariners can enter all the relevant information into the app on their mobile device, before submitting the H-Note directly to the UKHO via email. As well as taking advantage of the mobility, speed and ease of use of mobile devices, the ADMIRALTY H-Notes App can automatically include the user’s location co-ordinates via the device’s GPS and submit photos taken on the device.

Hugh Phillips, Head of Product Management at the UKHO, said: “The ADMIRALTY H-Note App is a more efficient way for mariners to continue sharing any information with us that could be navigationally significant. Every mariner and every ship, whether sailing internationally or in local waters, has a part to play by serving as our eyes across the oceans.”

All information received via the H-Note is used by the UKHO to either take immediate action to warn other seafarers or to consider including the information in the next appropriate revision of a chart or publication.

Available for Apple or Android, the H-Note App can be downloaded for free, by visiting the App Store on your device and search for ‘H-Note’.

H-Note Forms can still be downloaded from the UKHO website or found in the Mariners’ Handbook and at the back of the weekly Notices to Mariners. Once completed, they can be submitted to the UKHO as before by email or fax.