UKHO gets the go ahead for new office building

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UKHOProviding global hydrographic and geospatial data to defence, mariners and maritime agencies across the world, the UKHO is transforming its digital capability to continue meet the needs of the digital age.
A key part of this transformation is to redevelop its current site at Admiralty Way in Taunton. Approval has been granted to replace the existing inefficient and expensive to maintain buildings with a new environmentally friendly office.
The redevelopment will involve constructing a modern and efficient building on the existing Admiralty Way site. As well as bringing financial benefits, the new build will provide an up-to-date technology infrastructure and working conditions to enable UKHO to sustain a long-term future.
Chief Executive John Humphrey said: “This is a really exciting time for the UKHO as we transition to become a fully digital, data-centric organisation. The new office will play a key role in creating a modern, collaborative working environment that truly reflects and supports what we do. I am delighted to be able to continue our long connection with Taunton and the South West and continue to invest in the future of UKHO.”
The UKHO will continue to operate from its current buildings until moving into the new office which is planned for 2019. Existing buildings will then be demolished and the land at the front of the site sold for redevelopment.
The decision follows an independent assessment study which considered a number of options including improving the current buildings and moving to other locations in and around Taunton and the local travel to work area.
Approval was granted by the Minister for Reserves, Julian Brazier TD MP as the investment was considered best value for money while meeting the future needs of the UKHO. Costs associated with the new office will be met by the UKHO from business receipts as a self-funding agency.