UEDA sets out IACS objectives



Actively contributing at the IMO on issues such as common structural rules and green house gas emissions, making certain the opinions of the entire maritime industry are taken into account during decision making processes and ensuring a successful transition to a new and more transparent organisation, are the objectives of Noboru Ueda the new Chairman of the International Association of Classification Societies.

Mr Ueda, who is also Chairman and President of ClassNK, said the international rules and regulations governing pollution and safety at sea were constantly changing. “Now, more than ever, IACS must be at the forefront of these changes and work alongside the maritime industry to smoothly and effectively implement and apply every new rule and revision to the existing rules,” he said.

“The maritime industry is a truly global industry and I believe that IACS should refelect the global scope and diversity of the maritime industry. Every aspect of IACS from its decision-making process to rule implementation, should reflect the needs and opinions of the entire maritime industry, and not just some regions.”

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He had this to say about IACS’ relationship with the European Commission. “IACS should faithfully continue to comply with its commitments to the European Commission. Any membership application from non-IACS classification societies will be handled truly based on commitments with full transparency without any bias. I believe that these new criteria wll only improve the high standard of quality that IACS has become known for.”