UAB-Online platform updated to include latest chemical tanker safety guidelines


UAB-Online, the leading digital platform in liquid bulk shipping, now offers functionality that complies with the industry’s latest tanker safety guidelines for chemical tankers, with the goal of helping to improve safety and efficiency.

Key safety issues from the International Chamber of Shipping’s Tanker Safety Guide 5th edition that the UAB-Online platform now facilitates include guidelines on enclosed space entry, risk assessments, and PPE, and improved ship/shore safety checklists, to help ship and terminal crew complete important safety checks efficiently. UAB-Online is also aligned with ISGOTT6: International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals, Sixth Edition.

“We are committed to helping chemical tankers, terminal operators, and anyone involved in the carriage of chemicals on ships, in their efforts to streamline operations while following all safety guidelines,” says Hans Bobeldijk, CEO of UAB-Online.

This new addition to the UAB-Online platform expands compatibility and improves overall compliance with the latest safety guidelines by enabling a digital way of working. The new digital workflow is more efficient and faster, both on the agent, ship, and shore side, and gives chemical facilities an additional opportunity to be compliant with the new safety guidelines and with ISGOTT6.

Founded in 2010, UAB-Online is a platform to optimise liquid bulk operations. It is dedicated to supporting safe, efficient, and sustainable inland and sea shipping worldwide. The UAB-Online solution is adaptable to the wishes of the specific user, which provides direct benefits in terms of efficiency and safety, and indirectly benefits the entire chain, while also guaranteeing compliance with national and international laws and regulations.

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