U-Ming Marine and StormGeo announce expanded partnership

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StormGeo, which provides weather intelligence, ship routing and fleet performance management solutions, has announced an expanded partnership with Taiwan shipping giantU-Ming Marine.

The new partnership combines U-Ming’s platform with StormGeo’s ship-to-shore fleet and voyage management solutions, FleetDSS and ECO Insight. This move represents a significant first step in U-Ming’s strategy to integrate its entire digital platform, and will apply to 33 of their vessels.

U-Ming and StormGeo already have a strong relationship through the integration of StormGeo’s weather and route optimisation software, BonVoyage System (BVS). The integration of FleetDSS and ECO Insight expands U-Ming’s digitization to improve safety, fuel efficiency, compliance and sustainability.

Jeff Hsu, U-Ming’s Executive Vice-President said: “We are pleased to know that StormGeo’s ship-to-shore fleet and voyage management solutions will enable our fleet to continually visualize the location, movement, and speed of our vessels, optimizing our overall voyage performance. The enhanced visualization and transparency enabled through this partnership will lead to more efficient and effective management of our fleet.”

“There is great potential when utilizing an integrated solution that is provided by one company,” said Dr Thilo Dückert, StormGeo’s Vice President of Fleet Performance Management. “Our ship-to-shore fleet and voyage management solutions can connect to all onboard data collection systems to improve efficiency and safety. Shore-based business units of U-Ming can quickly and easily make different business movements due to the benefits of connectivity and visibility from our all-in-one integrated digitalization solutions.”