Turkey’s Çiçek Shipyard back in the repair groove

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Turkish shipbuilder Çiçek Shipyard is to return to shiprepair activity when the 35,795 dwt Italian chemical tanker Maritea arrives at the company’s Tuzla yard on Friday this week.

The vessel, owned by Novella Group member Carichi Liquidi Societa Armatoriale (Calisa), will undergo an intermediate survey and general maintenance work.

“Maritea will utilise our specialist skills in this sector and provide an excellent reference when seeking further contracts,” said Berke Çiçek, vice president of Çiçek Shipyard.

“Çiçek,” he added, “has a long history of constructing chemical tankers ranging in size from 3,100dwt up to 40,000dwt. Many were repeat orders from the same owners, including two 3,100dwt chemical tankers for the Novella Group, both of which are now operating successfully in the bunker trades.”

Çiçek has focused on ship building since 2003 until the market downturn promoted a reappraisal of activities. Earlier this month the 58,000dwt bulk carrier Kaptan Arif Bayraktar was floated out of the 225m x 37.5m drydock, clearing the way for the facility to cdater for repair work

The company says it will continue to build vessels at its yard, utilising two slipways. One is capable of accommodating ships up to 26,000dwt and the other caters for smaller, more specialised vessels up to 5,000 dwt in size.