T&T Salvage prepared for nontank Vessel Response Plan regulations

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T&T Salvage in action
T&T Salvage in action

On March 9th, the OPA 90 Vessel Response Plan regulatory package, outlining requirements for nontank vessels trading in US waters was approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), jumping the last hurdle in a process which started approximately eight years ago.

While the final rules for tankers were issued in December 2008, the nontank regulations have been slowly moving through regulatory review.

Approximately 15,000 nontank vessels will be subject to the new requirements which will undoubtedly present an administrative challenge to vessel operators, US Coast Guard and resource providers alike.

The regulations, which will apply to a wide spectrum of vessels 400 gross tons or greater, come at a most challenging time for the shipowners as they continue to struggle with depressed freight rates, increased insurance costs, piracy, lack of experienced seafarers, and a general lack of appreciation from society.

“Our team is in place armed with the lessons learned from the tank vessel implementation and we are ready to assist our nontank clientele through the process”, says DeeAnn McMillen, Director, Vessel Services.

T&T Salvage said it is ready to support the nontank vessel response plan community with the goal of minimising any administrative burden while providing the highest level of emergency response service in the industry. With a leading nationwide OPA 90 salvage system, the largest inventory of salvage equipment in the US and a proven team of professionals, T&T Salvage is committed to providing the most flexible and efficient service in the industry.