Triworld Shipping Services awarded NAMEPA’s Maritime Sustainability Passport


NAMEPA, the North American Marine Environment Protection Association, has awarded its Maritime Sustainability Passport Certificate and Seal to Triworld Shipping Services (TSS). The MSP program encompasses each of NAMEPA’s Transparency Pillars in its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics and TSS has demonstrated its compliance with these pillars.

“It all started with the ESG 101 Workshop, where we learned the word ‘sustainability’ encompassed more than just following pollution regulations to take care of the environment or keeping a recycling bin in our office,” said TSS President Milind Trilokekar. “We found the MSP application well designed to suit not only the big companies, but also suited for relatively small outfits such as ours. A big thanks to NAMEPA for giving us a formal ESG policy and a road map for our sustainability.”

TSS is an ocean transportation group in the dry bulk shipping arena with expertise in vessel and cargo management. As an example of its dedication to ESG principles, TSS is continuously engaged in monitoring that its Managers’ performance regarding the ship’s conditions for environmental safety, as well as onboard procedures for crew management, are properly aligned with its ESG standards and goals.

TSS successfully passed NAMEPA’s MSP program and qualified for the MSP Seal, signifying it met or exceeded the program’s guidelines of best practices using ESG principles. Some of the program’s many benefits include increased efficiency, stakeholder visibility, and positive global impact.
In 2021, NAMEPA’s MSP program won the 2021 Green4Sea Initiative Award, given to an organization that has sparked, realized, or significantly contributed to a specific initiative toward greener shipping.