Training Matters to the bottom line

CEO Nigel Cleave


CEO Nigel Cleave
CEO Nigel Cleave
The real value of good training is highlighted in a new video from maritime training provider Videotel.

Training Matters shows the effect training can have on the bottom line, detailing how ship operators can receive a tangible return on investment with more efficient operations, fewer accidents, less off-hire time, lower insurance premiums, improved compliance with legislation and a more motivated workforce.

Nigel Cleave, CEO of Videotel Marine International, who introduced the new video to an audience of ship owners and managers at the Sonangol Shipping Safety Seminar in Angola recently, said: “In today’s tough financial and litigious environment being trained to minimum standards is clearly not adequate. Technology continues to advance and it is very important that education and training keeps pace with such changes.”

He added: “Companies in all industries are doing business in a very competitive market while under constant pressure to reduce costs. In the shipping industry, however, these pressures are mounting. Ship owners and ship managers must comply with increasingly complex legislation, engage crews that are competent to cope with technically advanced equipment and deal with an ever growing number of ship inspections and audits. Good crew training reduces this pressure, as it is an essential element in building a competent skilled and more reliable workforce.”

Videotel offers a blended learning approach which allows its videos and animation, programs and courses to integrate with specific company training and onshore maritime training centres.