Tototheo Maritime incorporates Starlink into its service portfolio


Leading global communication service provider, Tototheo Maritime™, has added Starlink’s new low latency high speed connectivity to its portfolio of services.

The agreement between Tototheo and Starlink was finalized in December 2022 and the well-known maritime technology solutions integrator, will commence deployment of the Starlink Kits within January 2023.

The addition of the Starlink LEO service to its portfolio, makes Tototheo one of the few maritime technology providers, offering a full range of competitive and reliable connectivity options as well as multiple integrated solutions to maritime, offshore and enterprise (land) clients.

Tototheo customers will have the maximum flexibility of selecting the configuration that best suits their needs by integrating the Starlink Service (LEO) with Inmarsat GX (Ka-Band & L-Band), TM Flex (Ku-Band), Iridium (L-Band), LTE (3G/4G) and terrestrial connectivity solutions.

SpaceX, has launched a huge constellation of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites to provide high-speed, low-latency connectivity with speeds of up to 350Mbps.
“This marks a new era for maritime connectivity”, said Tototheo co-CEO, Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou. “With a fast-expanding coverage area, the speeds Starlink offers will enable a leap forward in the integration of more effective and sustainable technologies in maritime”, she added.

“We have always looked ahead and believed that the future of maritime technology lies in synergies and integrated solutions. We look to the addition of Starlink to our range of services as a further step towards enhancing the reliability and flexibility of choice when it comes to onboard connectivity”, said Ms. Panayiotou Theodosiou.

Socrates Theodosiou, co-CEO of Tototheo Maritime added: “Tototheo, is uniquely positioned to help its customers meet their efficiency, regulatory and operational needs. Tototheo allows the integration and optimization of a hybrid solution and data handling offered by utilizing the SD-WAN and SD-LAN solutions, combined with TM SOC (Security Operation Center) keeping customers’ infrastructure and operations secure 24/7.”

The company concludes that this development is a game changer and a complete solution for all customers who value reliability, speed, low latency, and security of their data links onboard their vessels or shore infrastructures.