Total Lubmarine expands product availability to Lebanon

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beruitMarine lubricant provider Total Lubmarine has announced an expansion in availability of its marine lubricants, which will see key products from its portfolio supplied at Lebanon’s major ports.

Total Lubmarine’s cylinder, trunk piston engine and system oils, including the ATLANTA, AURELIA and TALUSIA Range, are now available at the ports of Beirut (Beirut city pictured) and Tripoli. The expansion makes Total Lubmarine the first major lubricant provider to supply products in Lebanon, and the decision to expand availability comes amid a significant increase in the country’s shipping activity during the last two years.

Andrew Knox, Commercial Director Middle East at Total Lubmarine, said: “By expanding our product availability to Lebanon at the ports of Tripoli and Beirut, Total Lubmarine is now well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the country’s burgeoning shipping industry.

“Already we provide marine lubricants at more than 1,000 ports in 100 countries, offering wider product availability than any other provider. This latest expansion means Total Lubmarine can support new and existing customers as they look to increase trade on emerging Middle Eastern shipping routes.”

Lubmarine barrels on barge[2]