TMS unveils themes of its Transportation and Climate Change event to be held in Abu Dhabi


The Maritime Standard (TMS) announce the Keynote Session of its Transportation and Climate Change Conference (TACCC). The session, titled “Tackling Transportation’s Contribution to Climate Change,” will feature influential speakers from various transportation sectors, all driving change in their respective fields.

Under the tagline “Setting the course for a sustainable transportation future,” the Keynote Session aims to lead the way toward decarbonization. The event will take place on September 27, 2023, at the Saadiyat Rotana Resort in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
The Keynote Session will include presentations by senior executives in the following areas:

Sustainable Shipping Practices and Reducing Emissions: A maritime industry representative will share expertise on sustainable shipping practices and emissions reduction, highlighting innovative strategies and initiatives.

Innovations in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Infrastructure, and Public Transport: An expert in electric vehicle infrastructure and public transport promotion will explore advancements in electric and hybrid vehicles, charging infrastructure, and initiatives promoting sustainable public transport.

Advancements in Energy-efficient Railway Systems and Electric & Hydrogen-powered Trains: A distinguished leader from the railway industry will discuss progress made in energy-efficient railway systems, enhancing rail transport networks, and the potential of Electric & hydrogen-powered trains.

Developments in Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Low-emission Propulsion Technologies: An aviation industry specialist will present the latest developments in sustainable aviation fuel, carbon offsetting and reduction schemes, and explore alternative low-emission propulsion technologies.

Overview of UN Sustainable Transportation Initiatives: A representative from the United Nations will provide insights into UN sustainable transportation initiatives, focusing on programs like the Global Climate Action Agenda and the Sustainable Transport Action Network.

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