TMC invests heavily in training facilities

TMC's Odd-Ståle Ness
TMC's Odd-Ståle Ness
TMC’s Odd-Ståle Ness

Tamrotor Marine Compressors (TMC), a supplier of compressed air systems for marine and offshore use, has just inaugurated its new state of the art training and meeting facilities, aptly named “Compressor Heaven”.

TMC says it has always put great emphasis in the training of team members in order to provide the best possible customer service through a knowledgeable and competent team. As the company experiences a steady growth, the need for good training structures and facilities is becoming even more important.

A few years back, TMC Academy was established, where about 40 different training courses covering product training for TMC’s complete range of products as well as “softer” courses like “Understanding cultural differences” and “TMC at trade shows” have been developed. Currently, TMC is also cooperating with an external party to take all team members through an extensive training schedule to improve the customer focus throughout all departments and functions.

With the training structures in place and a growing need for training and meeting rooms, the owners of TMC and sister company Nessco last year decided to invest in a dedicated meeting/training facility for the two companies. Another building located in the same industrial area as the Oslo headquarters was acquired, and building work started at the start of 2014.

Compressor Heaven was officially opened on 23rd  May and as part of the companies’ summer celebration, all team members were invited to see the new facilities and celebrate the opening with some “bubbly” in their glasses.

Compressor Heaven has seven meeting rooms of varying shape and size, all equipped with state of the art AV equipment and in addition to internal meeting and training, the centre will also be used for technical training for customers and agents. The floors have been reinforced so that compressors can be brought in for hands-on training and the centre will also serve as venue for customer meeting and events.

“With Compressor Heaven we have fulfilled one of my visions”, said Odd-Ståle Ness, founder and majority owner of TMC and group CEO.

“I have always placed great importance in sharing knowledge, and it’s a tremendous pleasure to be able to offer our teams such optimal training facilities and we now also have a great place to welcome our customers for meetings and training, and we plan to arrange seminars where our customers teach us about their world and their challenges.

“Also, we hope to use Compressor Heaven as a base for non-work related activities. We want to make this a place where our team members can meet for informal activities as well. We are already planning a Christmas beer tasting!”

Not only is Compressor Heaven equipped with top notch AV equipment, the energy-saving aspect is maintained in that all lights and equipment are automatically switched off when the room has not been active for a certain time. This ensures minimal waste of energy and is in keeping with TMC’s environmental focus.

“For us as team members of TMC, it’s exciting to see that the company is very committed both to the continued development of the team members and to an environmental consciousness”, said Marit Holen, TMC’s Marketing Manager.