Thome responds to Manpower Report shortfall

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Report cover pageThome has described as ‘worrying’, the suggestion by the latest BIMCO/ICS Manpower Report that officer shortages could be as high as 147,500 by 2025, and has called on fellow ship managers to redouble their efforts in promoting shipping as an attractive career option for young people.

“Shipping’s biggest asset is its seafarers and the industry needs to take seriously the findings of this report. Thome has always invested in its staff and is committed to the career advancement of its seafarers through its cadet programme which has provided the company with a good base of junior officers and the development of these officers to senior ranks is one of the priorities of the company,” said Claes Eek Thorstensen, President of the Thome Group.

“Interestingly, the report suggests that China has overtaken the Philippines as the largest single source of seafarers. As long as the Philippines can produce competent officers who can compete with other nationalities then it will continue to remain an important recruitment hub,” he added.