The Swedish Club hosts events for prestigious Comité Maritime International Colloquium 2024


This week the prestigious Comité Maritime International (CMI) Colloquium is taking place in Gothenburg, the first time it will have been held in Sweden in over 100 years. As part of this important three-day maritime legal event, The Swedish Club, will provide expert legal insight into topical subjects, such as War Insurance, as well as hosting two International Working Groups.

The Colloquium is an important event in the shipping calendar, which plays a vital role in helping to guide maritime law. Following the event, the CMI will present its findings and maritime legal advice to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), to help frame regulations for shipping worldwide. Reinforcing the importance of The Colloquium to the maritime industry the second day of the programme, on Thursday 23rd May, it will be opened with a welcome by Arsenio Dominguez, the IMO’s Secretary General.

On Friday 24th May, Malin Högberg, Director, Corporate Legal at The Swedish Club will be a panellist on an open session for attendees entitled Marine War Insurance – Insights from the Market: Geopolitical Instability and its Consequences for the War Insurance Market, where she will provide expert insight on the effects ongoing conflicts in the Black Sea and the Red Sea and their effect on the insurance costs for shipping operator in or close to conflict zones. For those attendees wishing to attend this session, it is taking place in the Clarion Post Hotel in Gothenburg.

This follows The Swedish Club hosting two important closed International Working Groups (IWG) in its Gothenburg headquarters on the Collision Convention IWG and the Decarbonisation IWG. Both meetings were attended by marine insurance experts from The Swedish Club.

Thomas Nordberg, Managing Director of The Swedish Club said: “The Swedish Club is immensely proud to be able to host such notable events for the Comité Maritime International Colloquium 2024. This week’s meetings will play an important part in helping the IMO decide on future maritime policy worldwide. We are facing challenging times for shipping, so are pleased to be able to provide as much input and assistance as possible to the CMI.”

He added: “It is a time of global conflict, the likes of which many of us have not seen before. As marine insurers we have had to adapt to help our members manage the changes with which they are faced. Malin’s expert insight on the effect of global conflict on insurance costs is a hugely important topic effecting shipping operators and is a must-see event for attendees at the Colloquium.”