The Swedish Club: Thirty five years in Greece and counting


F2430A5AThe Swedish Club celebrated the 35-year anniversary of its office in Piraeus Greece yesterday (Monday). Set up in 1980, the full service office now has 16 staff members serving the needs of the markets in Greece, Italy, and the Middle East.

“We are delighted to celebrate this milestone birthday with our members and friends,” said Lars Rhodin, Managing Director.

“Our members make up an international community of front rank ship owners, who believe that quality comes first. The members in Greece are no exception, and we are delighted to have served the needs of this demanding market successfully for the last 35 years.”

The Swedish Club has maintained close links with Greek ship owners for much of its recent history. The Greek office was its first office abroad, and Greece’s first board member, Captain John P Samartzis, joined the board in 1982. The Swedish Club now boasts five Greek ship owners on the board and, representing Greek shipowning interests, Greece was also host to the latest board meeting, which was held yesterday in Athens.

The Swedish Club delivers a full suite of marine insurance services from its headquarters in Gothenburg and, in addition to Piraeus, from offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Oslo and London.