The Swedish Club makes its biggest investment in safety

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Managing Director Lars Rhodin
Managing Director Lars Rhodin
Managing Director Lars Rhodin

The Swedish Club has underlined its commitment to improving the safety culture in the maritime industry by allowing all member companies, whether lead hull or P&I, to sign up to its Maritime Resource Management (MRM) course free for a period of two years.

The move, which will take effect from 1st January 2014, is part of the Club’s keenness to give all member companies the opportunity to have the right training procedures in place to help in the fight to prevent the unpredictable casualties that are so often related to human and organi­sational errors.

Managing Director Lars Rhodin said it was all part of a determination by The Swedish Club to put safety and a strong safety culture at the forefront of the way its members own and manage their ships.

“This offer to our membership is a clear statement of how convinced we are about the effectiveness of our Maritime Resource Manage­ment programmes in improving the safety cul­ture both at sea and on shore.”

Martin Hernqvist, Managing Director of The Swedish Club Academy, which runs the MRM courses, said: “The positive impact on accidents and claims that we have seen from MRM success-fully implemented in a shipping company is ex­traordinary. We want our members to experience the same development and it will be a joint effort between the Club and our membership to reach the safety targets. It will not happen overnight.”

The MRM course is designed to minimise the risk of incidents by encouraging safe and responsi­ble behaviour. It aims to foster positive attitudes, favouring good personal communication, excel­lence in leadership and team-working skills and compliance with operating procedures. It is ideal for deck and engineering officers, together with maritime pilots and shore-based personnel. The objective is to ensure that sound resource manage­ment practices underpin everyday operations.

Mr Hernqvist concluded: “I am convinced that the initiative taken by The Swedish Club will be a major step forward in enhancing safety, not just within the Club, but in the maritime industry as a whole.”