The Swedish Club maintains steady performance

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Swedish Club CFO Mikael Kromli low resThe Swedish Club has reported that its results ahead of the closure of the renewal season tomorrow (20th February) will show numbers being on a par with last year, in line with its policy of balanced growth and solid performance.

It is anticipated that gross tonnage could post a 5% increase in this policy year in addition to the 8% growth experienced in 2015. This statement comes on the back of an announcement by the Club at the end of last year of a zero per cent general increase for 2016, a move which further supported the balanced approach adopted by the Club in the midst of an uncertain global shipping market.

Lars Rhodin, Managing Director of The Swedish Club, said: “We are pleased to see renewal results in line with our expectations and thank our members and clients for their continued support. The Club remains committed to its policy of quality growth, and our mission of offering expert assistance in managing current and future risks remains at the heart of everything we do.”