The Bahamas welcomes new Secretary General of the IMO


During the country’s first formal meeting with the International Maritime Organization’s new Secretary General, Arsenio Dominguez, The Bahamas was pleased to not only present its annual IMO member state assessment payment but also to present a gift of a painting by renowned Bahamian artist, Dion Lewis.

The painting depicts a sloop sailing regatta scene set in the Family Islands of The Bahamas and conjures up the colour and heritage of this Caribbean Island state.

The Bahamas has long held the tradition of being one of the first states to pay its IMO member state assessment fee, and this year’s contribution, which amounted to 3.42% of the total IMO annual budget for 2024, was made by The Bahamas Ambassador to the IMO, H.E. Paul Rolle, and Managing Director and CEO of The Bahamas Maritime Authority, Captain Dwain Hutchinson.

In addition to discussing the goals of the new Secretary General, the meeting was an opportunity for all participants to share their concerns about the ongoing threat to ships sailing through the Red Sea. Both Ambassador Rolle and Captain Hutchinson affirmed their support for the Secretary General’s call for collective action to protect the seafarers sailing on ships worldwide, particularly those travelling in areas of conflict.

Capt. Hutchinson said: “We would like to welcome Mr. Dominguez to his new role and reiterate our commitment as an IMO Member State and Council Member to the work of the IMO.  We especially appreciate the adoption of the IMO 2023 Green House Gas (GHG) strategy as climate change remains a key foreign policy for The Bahamas as an archipelagic nation and small island developing state.”