Teekay scores first hit with TOTS

Teekay is the first shipping company in the world to be certified as complying with the requirements of the Tanker Officer Training Standard (TOTS), a programme set up by INTERTANKO to establish and evaluate tanker officer competence across the industry.

Teekay put its SCOPE (Seafarer Competence for Operational Excellence) competence management system up for this audit when INTERTANKO authorised DNV and other IACS members to conduct external audits of shipping companies working in accordance with TOTS standards.

Designed by Teekay to help seafarers enhance their skills and progress their career development, SCOPE improves individual performance by addressing training needs which have been identified through a full assessment of competencies. The system gained full certification from DNV in April 2004.

Teekay was also the first shipping company to have the LNG training section of its competence management system accredited as being in compliance with SIGTTO requirements in December 2006.

During DNV’s TOTS audit of Teekay, SCOPE was certified as fulfilling all the requirements for TOTS compliance. Verification involved examination of training records, content of courses and assessments. SCOPE fulfilled all elements 1-4 of TOTS.

“Both SCOPE and TOTS are important programmes that provide evaluation tools to ensure companies in this industry are meeting high standards when it comes to the safe and effective transportation and transfer of oil, gas and chemicals,” notes John Adams, Managing Director, Teekay Marine Services. “We are very proud to be the first shipping company to receive the TOTS certification. It is a testament to the high level of expertise of our people and our systems.”

TOTS was launched to help ensure tanker officers’ competencies for ship-board operations and specific tanker types such as crude, product and chemical tankers. This is done via a core competency-based training system working through a practical, experience-based authenticated, assessed and verifiable system, and goes over and above current minimum requirements. The aim is that this will be accepted as the norm within the industry of a competent tanker officer, and will provide an alternative to sea time or calendar years for assessing time in rank and time with the company.

Peter Swift, Managing Director, INTERTANKO said: “We welcome Teekay’s accreditation in meeting TOTS requirements, and hope that others within the tanker industry will similarly adopt TOTS as providing industry standards for training and competence measurement.”