Technomar receives RINA Cyber Security certificate


Technomar Shipping Inc., the technical manager of 97 ships, including the 68 containership fleet of Global Ship Lease, Inc., and RINA, the inspection, certification and consulting engineering multinational, are proud to announce Technomar’s successful completion of the ‘RINA Cyber Security – Verification for ships in service’ and the award of the certificate. The handover ceremony took place at the RINA Booth during the Posidonia international shipping exhibition last month in Athens.

The ceremony was attended by representatives from Technomar, RINA, and Global Ship Lease. Mr. Thomas Lister, CEO of Global Ship Lease, Mr. Paminos Youroukos, Strategic Planning & Compliance Executive at Technomar Shipping Inc. and Aggelos Karantonis, Vessels IT Manager at Technomar Shipping Inc, were present to receive the certificate. From RINA, Mr. Giosuè Vezzuto, Marine Executive Vice President, and Mr. Spyridon Zolotas, South Europe & MEA Marine Senior Director, officiated the event.

The ‘RINA Cyber Security – Verification for ships in service’ is a testament to Technomar’s commitment to managing cyber risks with appropriate policies, procedures, and technical controls onboard. This certification ensures alignment with IMO, IACS requirements, and industry best practices. It is particularly noteworthy as it addresses the operational need for ships in service, which will continue to be in use for many years, to have a similar level of cybersecurity protection as newbuilds.

Mr. Paminos Youroukos, Strategic Planning & Compliance Executive at Technomar Shipping Inc., commented: “Our customers, such as Global Ship Lease, are increasingly focused on using high-frequency operational data to drive energy efficiency gains and decarbonization across their fleets. At Technomar, we are supporting these initiatives by proactively upgrading cybersecurity infrastructure onboard, integrating advanced technologies, and investing in our people to ensure that they are well-equipped to safely manage the technology and associated processes and procedures. Through RINA’s verification we are pleased to attest and certify the level of security achieved, ensuring that our ships in service, personnel, and operations are properly protected.”

Michael Vrettos, Senior Cyber Security Expert at RINA, said: “Cybersecurity is crucial for forward-thinking companies like Technomar, which leverage digital tools to enhance operational performance and onboard connectivity. Given that cyber threats target both active vessels and new builds indiscriminately, Technomar’s successful completion of the Verification process is significant. It confirms that the company is not only secure in the present but also well-prepared for future challenges”.